To Be Or To Be Another Person

I walk past a man with a Rolex, slip it of his wrist. He turns around but I’m already gone. “What’d you get?” Wyatt asks. We walk towards his car. “Two purses, a ring, and a watch.” “Slow work?” “Next time how bout we don’t case a building full of brainiacs!” “Rich! Rich brainiacs!” “Yeah, rich brainiacs with cameras! Let’s go idiot!” “I’m goin!” “That’s her! That woman stole my watch!” I hear the man from earlier yell. “Wyatt, switch me spots!” “Stop in the name of the law!” “Today junior!” He pulls over and we swap seats. “Hope your a good actor Carmen!” I turn my long, brown hair, into a short, blonde, bob. Then my olive skin pale and freckled. Then my brown eyes blue, and my black dress, red. An officer and the man with the watch’s stalk up to my window. “Miss, I’ll need you to step out of the car.” I step out and smile. “Is there a problem officer?” “Yes, this man claims you stole his watch.” ”Excuse me? Why would you think that?” “Were you just in there?” “Why yes. Yes I was. But I assure you I have no such watch!” “Might I ask why you left in such a hurry?” “My brother,” I gesture to Wyatt, “Has a doctor appointment and his car got totaled so he asked me to pick him up. He has to be there in less than an hour. So you’d understand why I’d like to get along.” “Likely story.” The man spits. “I have a footage of you pocketing my watch! ” He holds up a grainy picture of me slipping it off his wrist. “Excuse me sir but that’s not me and as I said before I have to get to that appointment! So if you’d just leave me alone that would be very, very, appreciated!” I fume. The man looks back an forth between the photo and real life. “Oh my, your right. I am so sorry mam! How could I ever repay you! Here, for your troubles! I hope you have a blessed day! Sorry again!” The man hands me a hundred dollar bill. Geez, I should make rich people apologize more often. The walk away and Wyatt bursts into a fit of giggles. I change back into my original form and sigh. “For a brainiac he sure is stupid! My eyes kept changing color! Anyway here’s his ‘please don’t sue me’ bribe.” “Sweet! Now come on! My little brothers gonna have a heart attack if we aren’t at the bus stop.” We switch spots and Wyatt puts his foot on the gas. We make it to the bus stop about two minutes before the bus actually got there. I change into a woman in her thirty’s or so and pick up my six year old brother. Some times shapeshifting doesn’t suck. But anxiety attacks suck that’s for sure. It’s how Wyatt found out. I had invited him over for coffee and my hand kept changing species and my eyes kept turning multiple colors. When I lost the house he helped out with Jack and now he’s quite the get away driver.

(Not my best! Enjoy!!)

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