The sweat rolls down my forehead. It’s scolding hot and the little cheap, plastic fans do nothing to help the heat.I feel a sharp pain in my dark, blistered fingers as I put the blue sweater, wrapped in slightly opaque plastic into the dull cardboard box. I slowly close the flaps, they would normally be smooth but to my sensitive hands they feel as rough as sandstone. I pick up the tape gun. The lukewarm plastic would normally be a blessing but now it’s just replaced with pain. I quickly tape the box shut then pass it down the line. I realize that I feel light headed. No not again. This would be the third day in a row I’ve passed out from the heat. They’ll surely fire me. Maybe I would be better off if they did I think as the next box comes down the line and I pick up the red t-shirt and put it in the box. No then I wouldn’t have a job and there aren’t any other ones in the area. I put the shirt in the brown, boating box and tape it up. As I put the shirt in the box I glimpse the receipt. Twenty freaking dollars. I remember hearing on the news that Bezos went to space. Is this what we’re working for I think as I pass the box down the line. Sweating out, nearly passing out with freaking ambulances outside so some rich jerk can go to space. FREAKING SPACE!? The next box comes in and as I’m putting the pair of jeans in I feel light headed. Frick I think. Then everything goes black. I hate Amazon.

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