Can’t Find The Words

Faith’s fingers twisted the fringe on her jacket. She stared down at the concrete, counting the passing lines as they walked. One. Two. Three. She kept going, willing to walk in silence the whole way instead of embarrassing herself again.

“There’s practically steam coming out of your ears, Faith,” Theo said. Faith could feel him looking at her, a small smile on his face. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him. He came to a stop and she stumbled a few steps ahead before stopping and returning back to him.

“We… We’re going to be late, Theo,” she said in a quiet voice. Her eyes flicked up, taking in his black wool coat, his hands shoved in the pockets.

“Then we’ll spend detention together. Now, look at me.” She raised her chin, delighting and panicking as she looked into his eyes. He stared back, waiting. Faith bit her lip as she stared at Theo’s hazel eyes, noting how the morning sun brought out the flecks of gold and copper, making the greens pop with more emerald tones. She sighed.

“Theo, we’re going…”

“To be late, I know. We’ll miss class entirely if you don’t tell me what you’re fretting about. I can practically hear the wheels spinning,” he said with a smile. Faith blushed and looked down. Why did he have to do that? Why did he have to smile at her like that? Cool fingers lifted her chin, raising her eyes back to Theo’s face.

“Faith,” he said, “tell me.”

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