I’m Upside Down

I watch the ants crawl around the rough green sky.

A four legged creature we call Duke walks on the grassy sky barking at me uncontrollably.

“Shut up Duke” I yell as I continue to slightly sway back and forth. He continues to bark back.

An apple falls from the limps of the ground that holds my 100 pound body. It hits my favorite converse kicks causing me to almost slip. It now lays amiss the sky. It is ripe and ready to be devoured by the critters whom occupy the sky I have found so interesting. I hope this distracts Duke so I can continue to enjoy my observations.

I could watch life take place in the sky for hours if mom would let me. It’s always fun hanging upside from our tree in the front yard.

But nope.

Duke continues to bark until mom tells me to get off the tree and come in the house.

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