“I bet you that the lion will get him.” The spectator said.

“Really? How much?” The cloaked spectator replied.

“This pouch of coins.” The first spectator retrieves the pouch from his pocket and jingles it as if to demonstrate the worth.

The cloaked spectator reached in his pocket, he finds a coin that he turns in his pocket and retrieves his own pouch.

“You’re on. But how about we make it more exciting. How about I bet double or nothing that the man dies too?”

“Haha well, you’re on.”

They both watch the game intently. The battle is fierce. The lion pounces dextrously and the man parries with great skill. The lion leaps and falls into a hole to the Lower. The man with compassion hurls the lion up. The Lord of the colosseum is not happy and he orders his archers to fire. Both lion and man are impaled with a dozen arrows.

The first spectator is stunned.

“I’ll take that pouch and some.” The cloaked man smirked.

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