The Broken Doll.

I am the broken doll.

Everyone sees my admirable face and body. They look at me as this beautiful person, which could be true.

Which is true, I am beautiful.

But inside I am broken.

Inside I am disgusting.

Inside I am delusional.

Inside I am selfish.

Inside I am hateful, I am miserable.


I will never know. I don’t have to be this way, I want to be beautiful on the inside as much as I am on the outside.

My mind density is faint. It’s almost as if there’s nothing upstairs, as if I’m empty. I have no depth. No strength. No hope. No will. I tend to get called ditzy, a lot. Sometimes it’s funny to me, sometimes it’s almost like an insult and sometimes a compliment. I feel like I enjoy being clueless. Only because I’m not really clueless, it’s like i pretend to be voiceless so nobody expects much out of me. I do everyone else a favour by keeping my thoughts and opinions in my head. I let everyone else steer the boat and I go along with whatever. Once again why am i like this? This isn’t what i want to be. You want to know what I wanna be?

I want to be strong.

I want to be smart.

I want to be a leader.

I want to love.

I’m almost certain I can achieve those things, if I want it bad enough to work for it.

So today, I’m here to tell you I have achieved those things.

Today I am no longer the broken doll.

Today I am no longer disgusting.

Today I am no longer delusional.

Today I am no longer selfish.

Today I am no longer hateful.

No longer miserable.

Today I am the unbreakable doll.

I have no longer let things break my ambitions to do better. I have no longer let people break my spirits with their words or negativity. Today I am everything I ever wanted to be.



I am a LEADER.

And today I LOVE harder then ever before.