I had to get away. I needed a change of scenery. Everything is so much different now. Nothing was the same after the fire. It was an accident, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I never thought it could happen to us. I jhad ust left a candle lit while I went to the store, I never expected it to start a fire. I never thought the fire would cause so much destruction. The fire burned down the whole house in under an hour while I was out shopping, taking my parents along with it. The firefighters said they tried to escape but they got trapped on the top floor before the building collapsed. I caused their deaths, they would still be here if not for me. The guilt still overwhelms me, it’s one of the reasons I left. I couldn’t spend another day in that town with all the stares I got. The ones of anger were bad, but the ones of pity were so much worse how its like they knew what I did. They just know it was an accidental fire, not what, or rather who, caused it. I never light candles any more, too afraid that history will repeat itself.

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