Clueless (MONTH TWO)

A form of a long-distance gift for my world. I love ya, I love ya, I love ya.


Imagine a boy.

He’s got everything he needs.

A good family, love to give.

Black hair, chocolate eyes.

Soft lips, sweet words…

You were falling for him.

But he didn’t want to notice.

He ignored your bright signs.

Playing oblivious to the words.

You tried not to fall.

Over and over again.

But not wanting to love-

Made you love him more.

He turned away…

You thought you’d fall hard.

With no one to catch you-

It was as certain as day.


He spun around, a grin on his face.

He reached out, catching you.

He held you close in his warmth.

In all his light you stood-

Superman in disguise.

Metal-clad Ironman, save the day.

Rush in and keep the monsters away.

A god on Earth-

May the angels sing in agony…

For a boy who gave his everything

to a mortal like me.

May the Heavens sing by day.

And weep by night…

For you are my sunshine.

May all the world remember;

A girl who fell hard in love.

And the angel who caught her.

Love is not but a feeling-

But a person. 🖤

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