Peer Pressure

“Come on man, this doesn’t seem safe.” Jeff says anxiously, rubbing his arms to cope as he looks down at the shiny, unused knife. “You hate him, right dude?, I’m doin this to help you out man!” Caden says hyped up, happy to do it. “I just don’t think we should do this, we could just tease him anything but this.” “Don’t be a wimp this will get him out of our hair.” I can’t keep dealing with Caden I feel bad if I don’t do this for him, I mean he is just trying to help right?” Jeff looks at the knife and gulps hard “I’m ready.” They travel down the dark alleys, the smell of trash burning their nostrils, until they see 4311. His address. “Open up you dirt bag!” Caden bangs on the door. “Let him come when he’s ready.” Jeff says to try and get some of the attention off of the fact that he’s doing this. The door squeaks open. “Jeff go get him!” Running through the mud I do it. I look down to see red, I cannot believe I did that all because Caden. “Yes he’s out of our hair for good!” screams Caden. Tears running down my face as I say “How could you be happy, you just took his life.” His lifeless body I rush to it, no pulse. I breakdown and just cry, I can’t believe I did that just because of Peer Pressure..

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