The Bag

As I sit down after a long day of work, i am able to take a breath. I go to the front door to collect my online grocery shopping bag filled to the brim with goods. I transport the bag into my kitchen. I then proceed to open and further examine the bag. I open it, and I am surprised of the content of the bag. The bag had a lot of bettered, tools, knives, bleach, and a couple rags. At first I had just thought that the delivery Man had just accidentally grabbed the wrong bag. But, As I continued to investigate I found a note in the bag…. It read, “ This is all for you, sugar.” I was in disbelief. Could I have a deranged stalker? I then picked up my phone to call the police, and the line was dead. It was a scene right out of a horror movie. I knew better then those idiots in the slasher movies. I grabbed one of the knives to arm myself. I ran out the back door. I ran and didn’t look behind me. I ran until I got here. At the police station.

Detective- You did the right thing coming here. *Smiles and waches into pocket.* Let’s make sure you leave here safe sugar. *Grabs knife and uses content that was in the grocery bag to clean and dispose of the body.

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