We Were…

“Before we encountered humans, we were homeless,” I told the gathered children. I was The Stoyteller. Before my job was to keep the records of my people, Bhagwan. Now I keep the history of Humanity, Bhagwan, and several other species in our grand Union.

“Where did we come from?” a child asked.

I scratched my chin and smiled, “We came from beyond the Veil of Sedr and passed the farthest of the Union’s colony.” Bhagwan was once a desert planet and our planet had evolved on it. Though if you see it now, our once wonderful desert was now a frozen wasteland.

“We were running. Our people fled a great calamity,” I elaborated. The gathered children made what would the universal gesture for…

“The Great Wyrm,” they cried out pretending to be the Wyrm. The Great Wyrm, Apophis, had come. He devoured all in his path. Our planet had been spared. Our sun had not.

“That is right. His coming was foretold in scripture by the greatest minds of the age. All of the great ones poured over a means to kill or stall Apophis. But they failed.” And they knew exactly what fighting was a pointless. So we ran.

“Our people gathered up what we could before he came and we fled. Inside our Worldship, we watched as our sun was consumed,” I added. We become nomads. Taking what we needed from dead worlds and trading for what we couldn’t.

“For forty generations, we ran across the star ocean,” I said motioning with a flourish to the heavens above. The children all looked up with amazement. As the stars seemed to glisten as they looked.

My great great granddaughter, Human Bhagwan hybrid raised her hand, “So when did my grandmother met my granddad?” she asked sounding innocently. I brushed my hand across her cheek.

“I am getting there, my child,” I said as she smiled. I cleared my throat. “During our exile, we encounter a curious species. They had just began colonizing their home system.” Humans were inquisitive and despite some reservations on both species part allowed us to colonize the planet they called Mars.

“Over the years, we fought one another. Over the years, we learned from other. Eventually, became two people but one union.” After two minor wars, we finally united as one. Eventually, we forged a lasting peace. And from our unity came the Grand Sol Union.

“And the Bhagwan and the Humans became the first members of the Grand Sol Union. Together we founded the Growlansians. And Hyneran.” I said as I pointed to the children of the various races.

“And soon out great Union will face Apophis. And we will destroy the Wyrm once and for all.”

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