Another Doll On The Ground

The air was stagnant and warm.

The sky was clear and blue.

The sun was shining coldly down on the pavement.

It was too quiet. Too still.

There was no wind.

There were no birds chirping.

No people talking and walking around the town, where there usually was a large crowd.

There didn’t seem to be any living being in sight.

There were no living people in sight. But there were people all the same.

People strewn across the streets. People lying cold in beds.

People who were previously walking, crumpled to the floor.

All their hearts stopped.

All their lungs no longer hosting air.

All of them fallen like dolls, as if suddenly their puppet master let go of the strings.

All of them ended.

All of them dead.

Except for one girl.

One girl standing with her head down, defeated and depressed.

All alone.

Her face streaked with tears and her eyes puffy.

She wasn’t crying anymore.

She had cried all her tears out already.

How was it that she was humanity’s savior, but now was it’s destruction?

If she hadn’t done anything, then maybe some would survive.

Some would live.

But now the whole world was dead.

All because of her.

She was wobbling slightly, like she was about to fall.

Then she looked up, straight into the sun.

She had no feelings anymore.

She would just stand here forever.

She would stand here forever and sink deeper and deeper into herself.

Into herself.

And be nothing. No one. Just another shape in the landscape.

Just another doll on the ground.

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