I saw different shades of black in my head after I hit my head. I was desperate for some help any type of aid but of course no one came. I’ve slowly sinking into this pit and now I felt like I couldn’t even breath. After a while I’ve come to terms that no one would come to help me so I would have to get out of here myself. I started to get up only to immediately crash back down it felt like my bones haven’t moved for a year and the weight of the world was on them from simply trying to stand. I tried again and then once more but it wasn’t until my fourth try that I could stand and see around me. There was nothing nothing at all everything was black and thorns surrounded me promising me pain if I tried to go through them but that pain would eventually go away and I would heal I had no choice but to go on. After I walked straight forward and to the right or is it left I’m not able to tell I saw a tiny light. But the only way to get to that light was to climb up the thorny vines and that’s how I’d escape. I ripped some of my shirt off wrapped it around my hands and began the climb.

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