“Do you not have anything stronger?”

“It’s a coffee shop, what do you expect?”

“I don’t know, you must have a bottle hidden somewhere.”

“I’m off it.”

“So you must have something hidden then.”

He disappeared into the back for a couple of minutes, reappearing with a half bottle of wine and a nip of rum.

She rolled her eyes, popped the cork and poured to the brim of the cup. The cup rattled as it hit the bar empty.

“You look a mess”

Her smudges for eyes and glistened brow from the running did her no favours.

“Least I have an excuse, your always a mess. That another grey hair.”

She poured another cup.

She bundled her wedding dress up from her heels, casting it down in a heap next to her.

“They’ll be looking for you”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You just ran from your own wedding. Everyone said it. Everyone said it would happen.”

“Yeah, even my own family.”

She glared at him. His eyes fell to the bottle.


“Don’t worry, you were right it seems. Everyone was.”

He grabbed the bottle and poured the remains into the cup, swigging it.

“Tight arse can drink” she smirked.

“Shut up - so what are you going to do now?”

“Find a hole to die in. Become a corpses bride. I can’t face that house at the moment.”

“Mum might give you the couch.”

She let out a roar.

“Mum? You know she shouted ‘I knew it’ when I ran down the isle.”

“I’m glad I didn’t go.”

“Your own sisters wedding, you were low not too.”

“You know I don’t do well in social situations”

“I know, I know. - got a light?”

“You’ll need to go outside.”

She glanced around the empty coffee shop.

“Fine,” he replied, lighting the cigarette she draped out her mouth.

“I don’t understand. Your the most socially awkward person I know, yet you run a coffee shop.”

“I like coffee, and there’s hardly anyone here mostly.”

“Thank god for dad.”

“Least he did something for us after dying.”

“His moneys wasted on this wedding.”

“This place too.”

They paused for a second. She suddenly collapsed to the bar top, sobbing. He walked to her, drawing her close. They’d always been close, always looked out for each other. Nothing would change that.

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