A Day To Remember

As over-the-top engagements go, Mattias’ plan beat anything I could have dreamt up. I knew he wanted to make a big show for me because Mattias ALWAYS wants to make a big show, but that is kind of the nature of anyone who takes on the job of dragon tamer. Most of the tamers are flashy, over confident, and certainly have a big dollop of narcissism thrown in.

We had been dating for almost a year and it was no secret that we were crazy about each other. I met him when my father, King Jonath decided I was ready to begin my dragon rider training. All of us royal progeny were expected to know how to handle the dragon fleet, and so with fear and trepidation I had made my way to the Royal Dragon Academy and was immediately introduced to Mattias who would be my mentor. Oh my. He was GORGEOUS, and as we worked on my dragon skills, he worked on my 20-year-old heart. I fell hard, and he did to.

Today when he asked me to meet him at the roof of the Academy I didn’t think much of it because we had gotten into the ha it of eating our lunch together up there. It was about the only quiet place i. The whole building what with the dragons roaring and the trainers yelling and the trainees screaming. Most of the time it was bedlam and made one’s ears hurt.

I made my way up the narrow, steep staircase to the roof and he had already been there. He had laid out a blanket and there was a flask of wine, some cheese and warm bread. Pretty fancy, I thought, taking off my heavy leather handler’s gloves and plopping down on the blanket. I lay back and put my arms behind my head and looked up and saw an amazing sight come into my peripheral vision. I jumped up and started screeching.

There were hundreds of dragons in formation flying toward the city. I was scared for a moment then realized they were all wearing our Royal Insignia. It was an astonishing sight, and I began jumping and waving and laughing. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, and whirled around. Mattias was grinning, holding a bouquet of bright red roses.

“Milady? Is it time?”

I threw my arms around his neck. “Yes! YES! YES!”

I kissed him deeply and passionately as the dragons still whirled around us and all the riders cheered and hooted. Certainly a proposal to remember!

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