The Artist and the Stylist Have

The stylist was Jane Garden, the plainest girl in Prairie, a small town of three thousand people. Her boss, Katz Swanson, had been Leary about hiring Jane but changed her mind. Though Jane was quiet and eccentric, the older people stood in line to have Jane cut their hair.

Until today there had been no issues, however that changed late afternoon.

At five thirty a former classmate of Plain Janes burst into the hair salon. A famous artist who was back home, he demanded to know where Katz had gone and who was cutting off his pony tail

Hearing him, timid Jane panicked; Randy had tormented her in high school. With no one else working she would have to cut his hair. What would she do? Without time to decide, Randy was glaring at her and now he was groaning, a gesture thst’s humiliated Jane, Mow Randy was asking if someone else could cut his hair.

Desperate, Jane suddenly saw her anger over the misery caused by bullies like Randy. Shocking herself, Jane balled up her trembling fingers, telling the artist he would have to find someone else. Struck with more courage Jane told Randy that he was the loser. Watching him stomp out, Jane smiled. She had met her worst fear and won.

Leaving for the day, Jane walked to her car, where she swung into the driver’s seat an empowered woman. ,

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