Sadness filled Luna. Her entire clan was gone, wiped out, and she didn’t do anything to stop it. When she closed her eyes, she saw the bodies everywhere. Mostly of the her clan, but a few of the enemy. Luna knew who had attacked them, but she didn’t know why. The clans had been at peace for centuries. Granted, these peace was achieved by isolation.

What was Luna to do now? Fight, avenge the fallen? Fighting was not in her nature, she was a coward at heart. A loner, she never blended with her fellows. While others trained in fighting skills, Luna preferred the mystic arts. While not forbidden, they were frowned upon. Still, she was drawn to this arcane knowledge. She pondered now, whether she made a mistake. If she were a fighter, she would been with everyone else. And died like rest.

She took to the air, trying to find solace in the air currents. It was drizzling, but she found comfort there. Chaos ruled the weather, and she learned to embrace chaos. Where would she go now? To another clan? Would they accept her?

Luna flew on, her grief slowly leaving her. Her kind were thought of as cold by other beings, but this wasn’t the case. OwlCats were passionate, emotional creatures, but they knew how to move on. They feel emotions, but they were not ruled by them.

A pang in her stomach told her she needed to eat soon. She was still in the confines of her clan’s territory, or what used to be theirs, so she should worry about poaching. The scent of those who did such damage had faded. She sighted a rabbit, swooped down, and made her kill.

Hunger sated, Luna curled up for the night. She purred to herself, trying to calm her nerves. She should rest well tonight, and try to move on tomorrow. There was another clan over the mountain, she could go there. Their scent wasn’t on the battleground, so they were not the ones who attacked. They were a private group, never participating in trades or the rare meetings. She would try to join them, or at least just find a place to rest and tell her tale of sorrow.

Luna curled up and fell asleep. Mercifully, she had no dreams.

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