When I see the images of the malnourished children in Africa and other

countries it breaks my heart.

And when I see the homeless

person on the street who does

not have a place to sleep or enough

food to eat, it breaks my heart.

I pray that one day famine and starvation

in the land will no longer be, because

currently this is a crisis of great proportion

and a universal travesty.

Again, it breaks my heart that we live in

a land of plenty, yet there’s not

enough food for so many.

I pray that one day those that are

malnourished and starving their

suffering will end.

I pray that one day we that have more,

will not turn a blind eye. I pray we will give

what we can to help the poor and

malnourished to survive.

I pray that one day the starving and malnourished children and people,

all over the world, and even right here

in America will not have to perish

because of lack of nourishment.

I pray that one day, there will be

no more under-served, under-fed,

underprivileged, under-housed or

malnourished children and people

in the world.

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