Burning Cards

“The crackling ashes beneath your feet

The spreading flames that touch your toes

A spark of heat floats over your body

Until one shall add more gasoline

You may not see the light of day

The darkness in your eyes shall remain

When you see excited flames jumping on your body, you may start to cry

For this is how the way, you shall surely die”

My body is shaking with terror shot in my eyes

They say the card reads right and never takes a turn but right now I don’t know what to believe

My death was brutal and aggressive to my extent

If I shall be burned call me a dandelion

In my next being that’s what I shall be

I will float swaying on the ground

Granting wishes, flowing in the wind to make another’s wish come true

So if I come back as a dandelion I can save the deaths of others from the cards that I read

So now with my help no one shall wind up dead.

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