The Very Scary Giant Fox Of Death!

It had shown up a month ago.

That morning the village awoke surrounded by a monster.

Nope you heard me right, A monster, one creature, surrounding an entire village.

It was a giant black fox with white paws, and a white belly.

Sounds cute until it traps you, right?

By some miracle the village grain supply, and well were inside the furry wall.

I was making my way to the town square, the light autumn breeze blowing my pink hair all over the place.

I rolled my three black eyes as I put my hair in a rushed bun.

Then I ran down the cobbled, purple, path.

I slammed the door open, and rushed into the bakery.

I took a deep breath my blue skin flushed from lack of air. My boss regarded me with an amused huff as we got to work on bread dough.

“So Senta, you hear the news?” My boss whispered conspiratorially. Her purple eyes darting across the empty bakery.


“Well my sister says that her friends, grandma’s, cousins, robot walked up to the foxes face, and it opened an eye!”

Really? And!”

“It was as if the galaxy had been caught in a bottle..” she murmured. I gasped in awe.


“Yeah, amazing.” She huffed, “Until it wakes up, and mangles ya!” I rolled my eyes, and we got back to work.

Soon the bakery was full of the warm scent of freshly baked breads, and I began to sweep, when screams roared outside.

I ran out the door, and looked to the sky.

Their was a huge meteor heading dead center for town square. I stood in shook as death hurtled towards us.

Suddenly the foxes head shot up, and it opened its eyes.

My boss told no lie. Inside those eyes galaxies flowed. The beautiful colors of space swirled inside them, and the stars themselves danced in the foxes eyes. A light seemed to radiate from them like ancient magic.

As if the gaze itself was a weapon the meteor turned to a fine dust that lightly patted our heads.

As soon as every bit of the meteor was gone, the fox disappeared with a resounding pop!

And to this day, we are still befuddled.

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