It’s dark.

The blackness is cold and I’m not wearing any clothes.

I shiver.

The darkness reminds me that I’m alone.

It’s empty.

There’s nothing to keep me company.

No person, no furniture, nothing.

Just an empty room that creates a clean slate for my mind to start flipping.

I’m trapped.

The chain weighs on my ankle and it’s too thick to break.

I pick up the note that lies on the floor.

Who left this for me and why do I have to leave?

I’m scared.

I call out for no one to hear me.

I can hear nothing but my own breathing.

Did something just move, is that what I’m seeing?!

I’m seeing.

So it isn’t that dark.

There’s light to see the room is unoccupied.

I can read the note on the floor.

I can see!

I reread the note, maybe it isn’t as bad as I thought.

The note is gone!

There was no one writing to hurt me.

No one telling myself I needed to leave, that was just me.

I yank at the chain but my legs no longer in pain.

Where is the metal, where is the weight?

I’m free!

I look around.

The room isn’t empty, it’s not even a room at all.

It’s a hall.

Going to a new place with new people.

A room full of people makes me feel alone.

I look for a companion but no one is like me.

They laugh and they speak but I sit quietly.

The room may as well be empty.

Why can’t I see their light?

The light on their faces and the light in their lives.

So obviously it illuminates from their smiles.

My worlds dark.

These people aren’t like me they make me want to flee.

I feel so uncomfortable.

I want to go home.

I tell myself to leave immediately.

But society says I can’t.

I have to interact.

I have to connect.

I’m chained to the floor.

I’m anxious.

I’m trapped.

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