No One Understands Me Like You

It was a typical night. Carlita was crocheting a shawl while Davy was idly flipping through an old magazine. Dave Matthews Band played on the stereo and half a bottle of the good red was gone. Pretending to read a news magazine, Davy shifted over and over again in his favorite chair. A half smile flirted across Carlita’s lips as her hands moved rhythmically. Davy’s phone beeped. Fumbling his magazine into his lap, Davy lurched for his cell phone. His face brighten as he scrolled through his messages.

ElizaDoNothing: No one understands me like you

DavyNotDavie: Ive never felt this way. Im like a schoolboy and we haven’t even met in person or spoken on the phone

ElizaDoNothing: You are my shining star Davy

DavyNotDavie: Are you sure we can’t meet this weekend for coffee or something?

ElizaDoNothing: Im so sorry my mother is sick you know real sick so many medical bills

DavyNotDavie: Oh no Im so sorry baby is there anything I can do

ElizaDoNothing: You too goodYou are good enough to eat

Behind his hand, Dave chuckled. Suddenly, Dave looked up and his face pinked. “Something came up at work, hon,” Davy said. “I’m going to get things sorted out. It should just take under an hour.”

“No worries, sweetie. I’m going to catch up on some reading.” Carlita continued crocheting as Davy hurried out of the living room. She picked up Davy’s discarded magazine and looked at the cover headline, Love Bytes: How RomanceBots, Love Scams, Predators are Changing the Face of Dating Apps. Carlita tossed the magazine back on the sofa. She gave a harsh laugh and poured herself the rest of the good red.

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