Unlucky Me!

How long have I been here?

Holding up my fingers, I slowly counted, 1 2 3 4…—TOO LONG!

Paddling down the stream, I let out a low sigh and reminisced what led me here.

Before this, I was a rich second generation from one of the most influential familias. Even though the whole family rejected her, my father still married my mother and had me.

‘Son, like all birds, they must eventually leave the nest’ and with that I was homeless—not even a day later—directly on my 18th birthday.

I’ve encountered numerous obstacles—like losing what little money I had left; being chased by a rabid squirrel—which forced me to board this tiny boat.

Now here I am paddling down a river going who knows where.

‘Thank God my neighbors like to go fishing’

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