The Suspicious Soul

Cozy sock and a cracking fire place, it was all I needed to enjoy the afternoon snuggled up with a book. As I walked to the couch my grey cat scurried in front of my feet, to avoid tripping on her i hopped over but that darned tail flickered. A toe curling howl deep from the cats diaphragm rang and with the speed of the latest NFL super star my feet sprang to action and flew forward so fast that my toe got caught on the corner of the coffee table. Flashes of pain ran through all of the nerves through my body. Time slowed and I had to find the nearest seat to get off of my throbbing toe. As my body slumped onto the couch I took a breath and it looked over at the cat hoping it was okay. He Kay just smirked and walked away. I caught my breath and out the injured foot up and saw that black leathered book sitting on my coffee table. Maybe a few tantalizing words would help ease the pain. I grabbed the book and started to read. It started, “this book is dedicated to a friend that sheltered me, fed me, and showed me nothing but love in one of my past lives.” The cat jumped up on the couch and put his chin on my lap in that instant and sat enjoying the heat that resonated from my body on that cold winter day. I kept reading and the book became something beautiful. A biography of an individual written from a pets perspective. It spoke of a first encounter where the main character, the pet was found in a box out on a cold rainy day. Then about cute little games they would play where the pet would run and hide then randomly jump out and scratch at toes. How at times the main character would get clumsy and wrongfully bare all of its weight on the cats tail but talk to it in a baby voice and ask for forgiveness. I looked at my mittens and smiled as he purred on my lap enjoying a good scratch. It read “but deep inside I could see the hurt and pain inside, the loneliness and the heart break. I made it my duty to to bring warmth to his life. One of my favorite memories was at a cabin in the mountains we would snuggle up. My chin would rest on his lap and I would purr the Melodies of universe. It was his favorite, he would pet me constantly and show his affection time and time again so I learned to never stop.” The more I read the better it got, but eerily the detailed connected to my life with such precision. The more and more that I read the more I related to the main character. Was I really that lonely, no of course not. I had Mr Mittens right. I set the book down and tossed more wood on the fire, then went back to the book and read about a strange happening where the cat felt a disturbance and used it warrior cry to warn the owner of danger. “I sang my proud and loud cry to inform the person I loved and the person that loved me that a visions energy was around. Something dark and evil, a presence that was hungry and would not cease until it devoured everything it wanted.” All of the sudden I heated the cry out in the distance. I looked down and the cat was gone. It was his cry, he sounded like a banshee in the wilderness. I tossed the book on the coffee table and ran over. As I entered the room the cat was in I was blinded by the light, out mud room had so many windows. Then I saw it, an open door what seemed ten feet away were the biggest black eyes I have ever seen. An enormous black bear standing on all four feet sniffing around the patio. My eyes widened and again the car hissed and then the bear looked in with curiosity. I calmly but rapidly strode across the room praying and hoping the bear would stay away and I shut the door and bolted it shut. My heart was beating so fast and I took a deep breath and looked down. “Thank you Mr. Mittens” then I looked at him with an odd suspicion, an author indeed.

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