Kids Whisper

They expect so much from you

The want the world

You’re too smart to be pretty

Too pretty to be smart

Too sporty to be anyone quiet

Too quiet to be anything

The kids’ gossip is too much for you

They look at you like you’re split in two

After the first bout of Junior high you’re chucked into more

More harsh

More hateful

The environment more farce

Barren, friendless existence it can be sometimes

Who really are my friends

Why can’t I fit in

Why am I so unlikable

Then the whispers of the pretty blonde kids

Who point and laugh

And they play their hockey and soccer

And they smile at your failure

Only when you find true friends do you start to care less

You find which classes and acquaintances are best

You no longer ponder the kids’ words and gossip

Now the final whispers wander away without a care

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