Tales Of A Once Lawyer

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” Frieda thought as she scraped chicken and barbecue sauce off the plate. It didn’t matter anyway. When Sam came home from his busy physicians assistant job at the emergency clinic, he’d be too tired to help anyway. Lila wrapped her arms around her legs mumbling something incomprehensible in her chipmunk voice. Her wispy blonde hair not so neat, a thick strand hanging in her eyes that were tearing up. What could be wrong. She was looking for her lovey Peter Pan. This dishes would need to wait. Not that her 13-year-old would help...he waits until 2am. Frieda felt she needed a Peter Pan herself to take her on a flight to somewhere new, different. Maybe she could go to a paradise of some sort just her...or with her best friend Jayne. Jayne always knew how to unwind. But now she had to push past the bone-tired feeling and follow the pattering of little feet in patterned pajamas and help stop the tears..what gets her through is looking forward to a sip of her rose wine when she’s almost too tired to open her eyes.

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