The Storm Ghost

It was night, as I was walking through the woods it began raining. The rain was pounding down from the grey night. I kept walking in the forest until I heard lightning strike. I started to run in the direction of my home but the rain was so strong I ended up going in the wrong direction and wound up on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I slipped on a rock and fell over the ledge and fell onto another ledge. I started to climb back up but the grass and mud was to slippery. I dug my fingers into the ground to keep hold. After the rain had stopped I managed to climb back up. I lied there for a while. When I got up I saw someone there.

It was a girl, she had long black hair and icy blue eyes. She was drenched in water. I assumed it was from the storm. I realized the girl was staring at me. “Hello?” I asked I didn’t get a reply. I realized suddenly that it had started raining again and the girl had dissapeared.

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