What Someone Else Did

So I went to sleep last night and all was well. I woke up this morning and everything was wrong.

The room was not mine. It was concrete. Concrete walls and concrete floors. A drab gray color. I was attached to the floor by chains.

There was only three things in the room: me, the chains and a letter.

My hands were free, so I got the letter and read it. “Get out immediately!”

If this were to have happened to me a decade ago, I would have thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

But not now. Just another day in the Life of Susan.

I sighed.

So I started thinking about how I could get out of this place. The chains had me bound tight. No keys in sight. The room had no door and the walls had no windows.

I brainstormed for a moment. Surely someone else has already made it through this. I just had to do what someone else did.

It did not take but a moment to remember a story I read about these men, Paul and Silas.

Something like this happened to them. They got thrown in prison for a crime that was no crime. They were chained and locked up tight in jail.

And they did get free.

All I had to do was what they did.

And all the did was sing. They sang praises to God and there was an incredible earthquake and there chains broke away from them. The jail became unlocked to them.

If anyone’s singing can cause an earthquake, mine definitely can. 🙂 It would definitely be noise.

So that became my survival plan. And it worked.

Sounds too simple. No guns and no bombs. No armies or soldiers. Just one lady with one voice and the Amazing God, Jesus the Christ.

And it worked.

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