So It Begins …

We took Leon to the hills.

So young we watched him.

His mother and I,

Proud as ever.

Leon looked at growing wings.

So beautiful in sunrise glow.

Slowly he ran, bounced, flapping,

Bounced flapping some more.

Over hours, days, weeks, months.

Trying so hard. But not quite making it.

We called to him, in support as a parent,

And carer friend would do.

Each time wings grew, bigger stronger.

His cry boomed louder, deeper.

Flames blew bright across

Darkening winter sky.

Next afternoon, I watched as

Mother leapt in to the sky.

She called out to Leon.

Softly, gently, encouraging.

Leon ran, flapping his wings

Hard & true.

He lifted from the ground.

His voice boomed out strong!

I cried out in pride.

“You go Leon. And you Mother!”

I watched as the two flew

In to the distance.

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