Play Thy Cards Well

(Been reading The Divine Comedy with Old Spanish Catholic music to get in the spirit. Hitting me in the feels, so I decided to roll with it. I know the last bit doesn’t rhyme technically but I was out of think juice)

I’m a man, with the upmost firvor

Explaining to you the troubles of this endeavor.

What ye seek to accomplish, though you dare admit to say

Magic comes with a price, are you willing to pay?

Our Lord despises these dark arts, for they be The Devil’s hands.

Grabbing your attention, slipping your resolve away like sand through your fingers as you sign away your soul.

One day, thy magic shall naught save yew.

One day, thy will be nothing but rotten tissue and sinew.

As thy magic seeped your life, you cry out in pain, just as a poison you accepted in vain.

And as you enter the gates of brimstone, it shall become very clear.

“Leave all hope, ye who enter here.”

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