The Impossible Solution

“I need you to listen to me very carefully. You don’t know me, but I know you.

I was in the darkness of entrance with a old fair lady wearing a black shirt and a white hat. I can told that she was kind of anxious because we only met about fifteen seconds ago. Than all of the sudden a person come in from the entrance looking tired, I quickly hide under the stage, yep I was beneath the stage talking to the woman, I am no thief no superhero just a normal person with a little bit of superhero because the old lady was in danger! The tired man looked at the old lady he saw the lady anxious than a sound came from the stage.

“Now can queen Elizabeth come to the stage”

“What the hell are I’m doing goodness me, that the England queen, queen Elizabeth!”

Then all of the sudden a sound came out of the entrance.

“Creek”the door opened quietly.

I peek out, some thief were catching queen Elizabeth

“NO”I shouted

I run to them and caught them,

“That was scary,don’t you”I ask queen Elizabeth

“Um……..kind of and who are you”

“Suddenly the people called”where is queen Elizabeth”

“Queen Elizabeth walked on the stage then she speak……….

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