My Oc’s!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about these two in particular lately. And yes, I kill off Tica in my overarching storyline. (Not here, though). Actually, pretty early in it. It’s more of a background thing. So I guess this is a background story, cause they’re still alive!

The snow howled outside, distant but steady, the cold waiting to pounce on anyone stupid or desperate enough to step outside. And Dave just might be this desperate. Literally.

Tics was fussing over him, ignoring his weak attempts to hide. She fluttered about, brushing against him occasionally, getting every settled and wrapping a blanket around him. Finally easing, she sat next to him.

“Okay?” She asked softly.

Dave nodded shakily, and she leaned him. “What do you want to do until things start to kick up for the morning, honey? Play your guitar? Read? I-well, I’ve read pretty much everything here, but I can still read to you! Or we could just hang out. At least let me put on some movie in the background though, so it more cozy.”

Dave didn’t answer, just staring dizzily at the pillow until Tica snuggled under the blankets. “We can just go to bed, too, honey. G’night, and wake me up if you need or want anything. Okay?”

“Yeah.” Dave mumbled ashamedly.

“Alright, sleep well.” Tica nuzzled against his head, then settled in for the rest of the blizzarding night.

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