Creation (Pt. II)

It’s been a while since she’s been here. It was a surprise today when she showed up.

She was dressed simply today. A sweatshirt and shorts. She didn’t need anything more for today. Her wings hung limply, dragging in the sand behind her.

She came and stood next to me while I looked out over the beach, off to the horizon in the distance. A single tear traced down her cheek.

“i had an awful day today, so i came to see you. you always know how to make me feel better, dont you?” She chuckled drily.

“im sorry. im sorry im sorry im sorry. i try to keep it up i do and i never can. and yet youre always here. i don’t deserve you but I love you so much and youll never know.” Her voice was soft, and so unlike her.

I gathered her in the biggest hug I could manage. I could never touch her really, but it’s her head. Here we can.

She leans into it and sobs into me. As she said, I’ll always be there for her. She’s my Creator, and for that I owe her everything. And I love her only as her Creation can.

We sat like that for a long time, me holding her, staring out at the sea. Content.


She was back the next day, and back to her usual self.

She bounded up to me while I was reading. She was wearing jewel toned adventurers garb, a leather messenger bag over her shoulder. Her hair was pulled back in a small braid. She looked radiant again.

“Come on come on come on!!! We still gotta find you a ship!!”

Her grin was infectious. I sighed, but smiled. She needs to get a love life of her own.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me along as the world disintegrated behind us and we fell through to another world of her imagination.

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