Waves of Opportunity

Will had been homeless for years, never being able to get a job or a home to call his own when the ice came in winter or when the floor burned in the summer under his scarcely covered feet. Being homeless in a small seaside town was difficult but where was it ever easy to be without a steady home and income? The small town did have its perks at times, being well known to many of the inhabitants he was welcomed into homes in the winter months, offered jobs that he would later be fired from for one reason or another, usually something to do with the fact that he had no steady home as if that made him less dedicated to work hard, as if that made it more difficult to hand over his weekly wage.

One sweltering summer’s day when the tourists and holiday makers were swarming in he sat beside the sea on a bench just watching the ebb and flow of the waves in the sunshine glistening. The white froth of each wave melting into the sand on contact like a dropped ice cream melting into the sweltering heat of the pavement.

Like the sea he had no home, here there and everywhere with hundreds of others like himself around the world like split off streams and rivers. The sea was strong and powerful, with the right circumstances it could go wherever it wanted and do as it pleased yet people still tried to destroy it, tried to make it submit to their material things and in that he found comfort, that even the water of each wave was not free, was being damaged and denied what was good for it by those with the money to pollute it, he found comfort in the fact that he wasn’t alone in his oppression by the system, that if the sea could seize chances to show what it was capable of then so too could he.

No money, no home, no real help but only the determination and patience of the waters he saw each day to get him through to the next big wave of opportunity he could ride until he found the one that would carry him to success.

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