Safe Haven 

Pain makes me seek a refuge,

In the safety of your arms,

Like the strong branches,

Of an ancient oak tree,

Shielding me from the dark whispers,

Of the rest of this harsh, cruel world,

A fearless guardian,

In the quiet of the forest's embrace.

Your touch,

Gentle as a cool autumn breeze,

Yetso strong,

Like a needle and thread,

Weaving through the torn fabric of my being,

Stitching together the scattered pieces of my soul,

Sewing up my wounds,

With no judgment or scrutiny,

For the stories etched into my skin.

In the harbor of your arms,

I find shelter from the storm,

Your caresses fall like soft raindrops,

Tenderly seeping into my soil,

And reviving my wilted spirit,

In your embrace, I am home,

, warm and secure,

A place where I am loved, cherished, and adored.

Your presence is a melody,

Soft and sweet,

Your voice,

The lullaby that calms my deepest fears,

With you,

The dawn seems brighter,

The night less severe,

Pain makes me seek a refuge,

A refuge I only find,

In you.

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