Our Date

I’m standing at the top of the building getting ready to abseil. I can’t lie, I’m panicking! But I can’t make a bad impression…

“Hey are you okay?” He asks, his voice was soft with a hint of worry. I looked up at him and nodded, “we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to?”

I shook my head, “I can do it.” He smiles. “Good luck.” He placed a kiss on my cheek. And with that said, he fell backwards.

My eyes widened, I rushed towards the edge of the building. I notice he was fine, he had a big smile plastered on his face as he walked down the building.

What am I going to do?!

If I don’t do it he will think I’m a wuss.

But If I do he will see me as a badass sexy women.

Okay I’m stuck.

Also I forget to mention, I’m highly afraid of heights, but when he asked me to do this I replied. ‘I love dangerous thing, and heights!’

How stupid of me!

I need to impress this guys so I’m going to do it! My date has reached the bottom, he’s waving up at me. I wave back with a fake smile on my face, I turn to the worker.

“Has anyone ever died on this?” He smirks and shakes his head. “Don’t worry, princess.” He tightened my harness, “you’ll be fine.” I smiled at his nickname. “Thanks.”

He stared deeply into my eyes “any time princess…”

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