Saïd and Sadi

“Beunos dias, Saïd. You seem sad.”

“You can say that again” Saïd agreed. “I am sad, indeed.”

“Why are you sad, Saïd?” Sadi asked from the daïs.

“Well, Sadi, see, I wanted to speak from the daïs.” Saïd was sore; It’d been promised he’d be scheduled to speak succinctly from the daïs that Sunday.

“Ah, I see, Saïd. Certainly, that is a surprise,” Sadi suggested.

“I even schlepped some visual aids and ad hoc ads I scrounged,” Saïd surmised, solemnly. “So, I guess, this seems more suitable for someone of your stature. I don’t want to seize upon some silly scheduling conflict, see, I just though it seemed strange.”

“Strange indeed, Saïd,” Sadi spoke. “Let me see what Sid says. Sid is usually supremely solid in situations such as this.”

Sadi spoke with Sid and sped back to Saïd.


Sadi smiled at Saïd. “So, seems there was a situation, but it’s resolved. You may speak from the daïs this Saturday.”

“Seriously? Sweet! I’m so excited,” Saïd exclaimed. “The sun is setting soon, supper? Or something small? A snack?”

“Sure!” Sadi scooped up a sweater for the stroll. “Sounds spectacular!”

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