Inter-planetary Cooking

One hand holds a spoon. Another holds a jar of salt. My third hand holds the pan steady on the stove. One of my four tentacles is keeping a dish of finely diced onions at the ready. I use my new lovely white feathery wings (my latest Special Species Super Surgery - only the best for me) to fan away the heat from the dust powered stove. Everything is dust powered now. Since Earth’s oceans dried up, dust is the planet’s largest natural resource. The kitchen is lit by sand filament bulbs under a shade of dust particle glass. Leave it to American innovation to turn even the dust of their Midwest, once their Bread Basket, to a tidy profit.

The dish I’m preparing has been requested many times. I’ve given it a fancy name: Saturn Ring Soufflé. The main ingredient is horsefly eggs. Insects, now so rare, have become a great culinary delicacy.

My hover board is running low. I must take it to the dust station to recharge. Soon I will be able to get off my six crab legs and take a break in the kitchen spa. It’s convenient to have hot tubs everywhere and makes it easy to keep my mermaid tail looking fresh. I will take a nice hot soak and relax. The water, both for cooking and for everything else, is imported from Venus now. Its oxygen rich atmosphere is distilled daily. Venus water is plentiful, and tastes so much better than the acrid stuff we used to get from Mars.

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