How Could You Do This?

“How could you do this, Kaiden?” Lyra asked, her lip beginning to tremble.

He raised an eyebrow and sighed. “How could I do this? I mean it was really simple if I’m being honest,” Kaiden began to say.

“Stop that! Stop with your snarky jokes…” Lyra said her chest heaving and her head hung low. “I-I thought we were friends. What happened? How could you leave us like this? How could you betray us?” Lyra asked, her voice beginning to crack.

“We were never friends. I just used you all until I didn’t need you anymore,” Kaiden said, his voice showing no hint of remorse.

“That’s not true Kaiden. I know it’s not. I know…I know you’re not this type of person!” Lyra exclaimed.

“You don’t know me. None of you did,” Kaiden said.

“So you mean to tell me that everything was a lie? That all the memories you and I and the rest of our friends made together were fake?” Lyra asked, almost pleading for it to not be true.

“That person is gone. He was never real,” Kaiden said.

“That’s not true,” Lyra said, a tear breaking free.

“Kaiden sneered, “Oh really?”

Lyra took a deep breath, “Please tell me Kaiden. What happened? You are part of our family and nothing will change that! Please come back. Don’t go over to their side! They, well I don’t know what they told you, but you can’t believe them. You know. You’ve been with us and seen the horrors that they have done…It’s not something that you would ever do. You have too much of a kind heart!”

“Oh be quiet,” Kaiden said. “I suppose it doesn’t even matter if I tell you anymore. You’re going to have to die eventually,” he said.

“What do mean by that?” Lyra asked hesitantly. She didn’t to want to know the answer to that question.

“You know exactly what I mean, Lyra,” Kaiden said.

“No…” Lyra began to say, disbelief on her face.

“I am one of those people that you are talking about. Of course I had to act to get you all to believe.” He said watching the shock on Lyra’s face. He continued, “And it must have paid off as you guys never realized anything. You guys practically handed over all the information we needed. It was far too easy.”

Lyra stared at him motionless.

“The deaths of your people were your own fault,” Kaiden said. “Let this be lesson on why you shouldn’t trust outsiders, Lyra,” Kaiden.

Tears streamed down her eyes as her body shook. She looked up, straight into Kaiden’s eyes, her tears still falling down her face and smiled, causing him to flinch. “Perhaps you’re right, Kaiden. Maybe we trust to easy, but everything you did…It was you. You can, no, you are a good person. I know one when I see it. If this is what you need to do, then do it, but you will be considered a traitor Kaiden. However, remember that you once had a home here. Remember that…I still believe in you.”

He took a deep breath trying to regain himself, but his hands began to tremble. He turned around and walked away from the trembling person that he once knew. He whispered quietly, his voice unsteady, as if he was trying to convince himself of his own words, “I’m not a traitor. I was never on your side.”

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