I stare down the edge of the cliff, my mind replaying what just happened. The scene below me allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. I didn’t mean for it to happen like this though, I wanted revenge but I wanted him to suffer the way I did. He threw me into a lake like I was trash and I wanted him to experience the same thing. He wasn’t supposed to fall, the cliff wasn’t supposed to crack and break off. At least he is dead and can’t hurt me anymore, but I really wanted him to die at my hands. Once I called him, he freaked out really bad and went to his happy spot. This cliff was where we spent all of our time together so I knew he’d head here, kind of ironic how he died at the place he went to escape me. He tried to run but the cliffs edge was right there and it cracked under his weight. What a shame, his frame splattered all on the rocks below. Body mangled beyond recognition. I guess it is better this way, I can’t be charged at all. Maybe someone was looking out for me above, maybe someone else he tried to kill and succeeded.

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