Before It Happens

“There’s that motherfucker.” Shathiel muttered, watching Krunil Waunson down Fidrial Street from the warehouse.

The skies were black as shadows, and Krunil’s men were guarding the entrance in breezily cold air. Sucks to be them since neither of them had access to wear jackets.

“Shathiel, I don’t know about this,” Erriesar said in the earpiece. “This is a big risk, why can’t we just call the cops?”

“Because Krunil is in kahoots with some of the police officers, so they’re not gonna do shit.”

“But he’ll kill you in a heartbeat, Shathiel. You should’ve let me come with you.”

“Erriesar, this man is already attempting to kill me and my father, so he can buy the rights to his music. I refuse to let that happen.”

Erriesar sighed, then simply lets him do what he need’s to do.

Shathiel began to hop from building-to-building as careful as possible. Some parts of the warehouse were glassy roofs, one of them being Krunil’s office.

Shathiel pushed the glass roof open, silently jumping through. He immediately checked out the blinds of the window where he saw Krunil chatting with some of his men.

“Fucking drug dealing demon.” He whispered to himself.

“Shathiel, you in?” Erriesar asked, accidentally startling him.

“Yeah.” He answered, reaching over to cut off the lights in the office when he saw Krunil coming back.

Shathiel stood beside the door waiting for him to walk in. His heart dropped to his stomach as he held a knife tightly to his chest. He wiped to the sweat of his forehead. Frustratingly, he begins to itch his neck and back anxiously.

“Why does this have to happen to me right now?!” Shathiel snarled to himself.

Finally, when Krunil opens the door and shuts it behind him, Shathiel immediately pierces his throat and repeatedly kept taking the knife out, and piercing him again. When Krunil stopped moving, Shathiel cut on the lights.

He stood over the body, completely baffled that it wasn’t Krunil.

“What the fuck?” He grumbled.

“What? What happened!” Erriesar shouted.

“I got the wrong person.” Shathiel responded, checking out the window.

Krunil was still chatting with his men.

“Well, get out of there before he comes back!” Erriesar frantically shouted.

“I am!” He loudly shouted back in a whisper state.

He quickly hopped on top of the desk, then leaps to the open glassy roof, with the man’s blood on his hands, he nearly slipped off. Unfortunately, the handle to the roof broke off making a loud shattering noise. It caught Krunil and his men’s attention, just in a knick of time Shathiel to climbs out.

But when Krunil barged in and saw his legs crawling out on the last second, he demanded, “Shoot him! Shoot him! On the roof!”

Shathiel took off running as bullets begin piercing through the roof. Some grazing his arms and legs.

One bullet got him in his right foot when he attempted to skeet in another direction. He screamed, causing Erriesar to worry. “Are you okay!” She yelled.

Shathiel didn’t answer, grunting in pain as struggled to limp on one foot.

Eventually, Krunil and his men made it on the rooftop, charging at Shathiel with their guns pointed at him. When they surround him, Krunil walks through the crowd, front and center.

“Well, well, well… Shathiel Pevastrum.” He said, smirking menacingly.

“You better not hurt him! I swear on your life!” Erriesar screamed into the earpiece.

“You’re not gonna stop me from getting what I want!” Krunil grumbled. He turned to one of his men and said, “Hand me the gun.”

After taking the gun, Krunil glared at Shathiel’s fearful expression, points the gun at him, and says, “I’ll see you on the news channel as a celebrity’s dead child.”

Then he pulls the trigger.

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