Me…A Fool?

I was busy picking weeds in a small garden that I had begun at the start of summer. Picking tomatoes and cucumbers in the sun felt wonderful. Unfortunately I seldom get out because of having multiple sclerosis and heat intolerance but today nothing was going to keep me inside where I spend the days writing stories.

Doing something productive was not only good for me, but it also gave me a special feeling as a wife. So often I live on the edge of not feeling like I contributed like other wives.

Before long my ego made me compliment who I was. I was even a temptress in my mind. Playing a seductive role felt good. I wanted to tell my husband about the part I

was playing.

Ironically, my long ago groom, Romald, came home while I sat among the worms that were crawling around on me and on the ground. Imagining I was the girl he once met, I prepared my line. “ Hey,” I yelled at the man I married. “ I’m still your beautiful jewel! Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Huh,” he said as though I was nuts.

This comment was followed by, “I fail to see you as a jewel. Only a fool would say that about you.”

Normally I would have tossed a snide come back. Instead, I pulled a few more weeds while he set the sprinkler and I tried to hide the pain I was feeling. I wanted to look dignified

Saying nothing, I lingered back inside. i was curled on bed thinking no one should hsve yo take this.I remembered that he was only saying this so he could feel powerful the way abusers, bullies, and n do. I I would not respond to him.

Two nights later when i was esting my evening meal wondering where Ronald was, the phone rang. It was a shaken-up Ronald

He had gone to some drag races and wanted to tell me a sob story. “

I had 500vdollars in my wallet” Ron whined. When i went to the bsthroom, no one was in the stalls, so I set my wallet and program on the sink. I’d had a coupke if three beers.”

Jumping in I said, “Only a fool would do that!”

He came at me, but by the time he reached me, I was gone.

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