Distorted Reality

It’s the night that keeps your mind prone to change,

The terror is amplified,

Belief of the supernatural is on the horizon

Your breath dissolves in the wake of madness,

Your chest constricts until it’s a mystery you still breath on,

Warmth becomes the piercing cold,

And thoughts become reality

Are you afraid of what you’ll find in the dark?

Are you afraid of what you’ll believe when your mind wanders?

Is it the monstrosities you create,

Or your lack of control,

That keeps you sleep deprived?

Are you scared of conformity,

Or are your twisted creations chanting of your isolation?

Each question brings doubt of the world,

The world you think of as home

It sheds like a disdained skin

A complex existence surfaces in its absence,

Of daydreams and living nightmares

The possibilities are endless,

The paths branch in every corner of your mind

So many ways to cross the bridge to another world,

A world you created so ignorantly,

Sculpted from your own demons and desires

Defined in two simple words,

Distorted reality

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