Can’t Forget

In days gone by, forgiveness came so easy,

The wounds would heal, the pain would fade, oh so breezy.

But now, my dear, the memories remain clear,

The broken promises, the trust destroyed, I fear.

Lies have tainted the canvas of our bond,

Leaving scars where once love had fondly shone.

I'm tired of watching my friend choose others,

While disregarding my struggles, my hidden bothers.

Oh, how I long to banish this jaded state,

To let go of the anger and resentment, disintegrate.

But these thoughts linger, etched in the depths of my mind,

Reminding me of the hurt, the pain I've left behind.

Yet, amidst this tumultuous sea of emotions,

I strive to find solace, to seek new devotions.

For I know within me lies strength and resolve,

To rise above the bitterness, to let my heart evolve.

Let not the actions of others define who I am,

For I am more than the weight of their selfish scams.

Acknowledging my struggles, though they may be unseen,

I'll embrace my own journey, discovering what's serene.

Though forgiveness may not come as easily today,

I'll strive to release the resentment, the dismay.

For in the depths of my soul, there lies a choice,

To transcend the hurt and give my heart a voice.

So, I'll carry on, embracing life's twists and turns,

Finding joy in the lessons that each hardship churns.

And one day, my dear, I'll find peace within my strife,

Where forgiveness and forgetting intertwine, giving me new life.

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