Off Her Feet

FeeFee Pretty Feet was known all over the world. Even in high school FeeFee used her feet to get what she wanted. All of the other students used to be amazed at how fantastic they looked, hell even the teachers. Passing college courses just for resting her feet on the back of the seat in front of her, this was a blessing in her eyes. She’s the only one that walked across that Barefoot, many snuck pics of those beautiful frenchtips.

Those pictures were posted and went viral. Pretty feet memes and shares and requests, many wondered “who pretty feet is these”. She was convinced to start her own website selling her content. From there, her fame expanded, acting roles and guest speaking on shows was the demand for years. She became wealthy as could be.

Pretty feet became the norm and a newer hotter model emerged. Pretty feet declined appearances that she felt was beneath her and her pretty feet while HoeToes was raking in all the doe for basically being a Foot Prostitute that everyone loves. People grew tired of FeeFee needy antics and left her alone. Now FeeFee is trying to get back on her feet.

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