Deftly Floating

Where are all the people who once loved me so?

I was a spirited man in my youth; spritely and full of vigour. The world was a tumbling oyster off the back of the universe that was my whale. Now, all gone. Things have tumbled to nothingness, all thanks to him. That damned juggernaut! Ploughing through my heart and bewitching the souls of everyone who looked through me to him.

Like an old tattered flag waving limply without wind. While he… he who took the life that was to be mine, the fans that were to be mine, the childen desperate for my signature, all chanting his name.

Well, at least I’m alone now. Adored from afar. Captain James Brodie lives his perfect little life on the rock of my home. While I float here, in the blackness peppered with sparkles, like a million one-way phone calls. Pressing a hundred solitary buttons hoping it will impress my nation the way he did so smirkingly well.

The only thing that remains now, while I dutifully serve my world, is the knowledge that it will come to nothing. No change, no parade, no ‘well done Captain Albert Scott of the ISS.’ Because, as I write this, trying to look at that perfect little smile, in that perfect little world, I wish I was back there too. So I could have died with the rest of my race, rather than float deftly, without a care - out of my world.

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