Sweet Bloody Dreams

I walk into a room covered in what seems to be gallons upon gallons of blood. Reds and dark pink as far as the eye can see. A bed with rose petals strewn across the scarlet blankets. Crimson walls painted in a vivid red, with a slight purplish hue. Bright red lights hang from the shining chandelier above me. On a small mahogany table, books with strange dark red symbols on the covers. I cautiously walk over and examine them closely. Stroking a finger down the spine of one, I can’t help but wonder how the fabric is so smooth.

_It feels as if it’s bound in human skin…_

I suddenly drop the book at the sickening but very possibly accurate thought. Cupping a hand to my mouth, I run away from the table and sit down on the bed, fighting against the urge to vomit, when hear a loud crunch come from beneath me. I hurriedly stand up and lift the covers. What I find makes me scream out loud in fright.

A beautiful woman in a stunning red dress with luscious blond hair hanging in waves around her her shoulders lies on the bed with her eyes closed and blood pouring out of her mouth, tricking down her body in a thin stream. Dark red scratches cover her legs and arms, but her face is left spotless.

“Wh-who could have done this!” I say out loud, right before I fall to my knees and throw up. My long black hair falls over the sides of my face, and I hold two hands up to cup my ears and stare at the floor covered in throw up and blood, trembling uncontrollably.

“Me.” A deep masculine voice says, and I wildly turn around. A tall man dressed in all black with green eyes and dark brown hair holding a large knife hovers over my small figure. I gasp out loud in shock and fear, paralyzed. The man throws his head back and laughs psychotically. I stare at him fearfully, my trembling not stopping, instead tripling at the sight.

“Ah, you should see the look on your face.” He says, wiping away a tear caused from laughter while smirking at me. I don’t respond and keep looking at him in apprehension.

He suddenly bends down and grabs my chin roughly, tilting it upwards. I widen my eyes at the unexpected gesture and grab his hand with both of mine, but it doesn’t move it an inch.

“What a pretty face.” He says languidly, examining all of me, eyes trailing up and down my body.

“Too bad I’ll have to get rid of you.” He says, and I start to breathe heavily, trying to get words out but they won’t come, no matter how hard I try.

His hand moves up to my neck, pressing my head against the floor with his body on top of mine.

“P-please don’t ki-kill me.” I plead futilely, my voice cracking from terror. He ignores my desperate plea and places the tip of the silver knife on my neck.

“Sweet bloody dreams.” He says with a dark, sadistic grin on his face. Cold metal cuts into my skin, blood pouring out all over the floor, and everything fades to black.

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