One Heart, Two Halves

Tears are streaming down my face

Along with water from the rain

I bet up there you feel the same

One heart, two halves

One’s beating, the other is maimed

My half’s barely getting by,

Without your sunshine from the sky

Send some please, or I might die

One heart, two halves

One is thumping, the other has died

Remembering the day I met you

Your eyes a clear and crystal blue

I didn’t know our friendship would be true

One heart, two halves

One is weakening, the other is skewed

We would bond over small things—books

The similarities and differences of our looks

But I never knew it would be your life they took

One heart, two halves

One is dying, the other is hooked

I can’t go living like this isn’t real

I’m hoping someone wants to kill

Because I’m ready to join your hell

One heart, two halves

And both are still.

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