Mary Anne

you know it in you, you know who did it. you’re brother and you had never been close, he went off his own way and you your own. in college was the last time you really saw him, when you attended his wedding done way too early. Young people are known to make stupid mistakes and so the two get married. you’re brother, Abdullah, and his wife Mary. at the first sight of Mary you knew she was familiar, not in a “my brothers wife” type of way, more of a terrifying chilling way. you didn’t talk to her, or your brother much during the wedding but you were happy for him, they looked happy. After the wedding you went back to you’re own paths with you becoming a police officer. slowly you go up the ranks until you become the youngest lieutenant your office had ever seen. you hadn’t talked to your only living family member now, your brother in years mostly due to the hard work you were putting in. it’s around this time when you have a certain mission which causes you to look through past cases. that’s when you see her face, it was Mary. or it wasn’t, you didn’t know her real name this time she was Diane. What you did know was that Diane or Mary of whatever had murdered her whole husbands family. you look deeper through the pages and you see Mary had been doing this for years. You get a chill down your spine when the police officer informs you you’re brothers missing when you finally close the file.

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