Desire Turned Me Into A Stalker.

In my mind it’s always known that women are beautiful, kind, caring, affectionate, and quiet. Or- that’s what they should be. As a man I always search for a women of these sorts. I was taught to treat women with respect and to always respect boundary’s. And as I follow this un-said rule; I always have been fascinated with the art of trying to figure out somone, before you try to take things further. So, when I noticed her aggressive but humerus demeanor, I was quite intrigued.

I was at the bar when I first noticed her, she was sipping her drink staring off into a group of people huddled in the corner. She wore a black dress the showcased her back. Her hair was perfectly tucked away in a bun. She was stunning. And quiet which I love on a women. She wasn’t chatting or loud she was minding her own business. That’s what stood out at first. She was already so desirable.

I watched her as she gracefully strutted over to the group she was glaring at. I was close enough to make out what they were saying- or at least a few words.

“Hey, I’m glad you finally decided to join us!” A women there stated.

She stared at them silently and it suddenly got akward.

“Look I’m not coming here out of pitty. I’m coming over here to tell you to fuck off And get out of my life. My life has nothing to do with you. I’m not another bitch you can be fake too, get over yourself and stop thinking your better then everyone else.” She said all this with out a slight smile on her face.

I couldn’t help but the way she put them in there place just creased me up. I’ve never seen a attractive women like that use so many cuss words. And be so quiet and scary with them.

The clacking of her red heals were getting louder, she walked right pass me and headed for the door. Without thinking I quickly got up and grabbed her arm to turn her around and face me.

“Get your hands off of me.” She stared into my eyes with a discussed look. Her glare was poisonous I craved for her to look at me longer.

“Sorry- I was wondering if I could buy you a quick drink before you leave.” I asked trying to use the most of my charm.

“Haha, why would I do that when I clearly want to leave. And I don’t know you. I’m not going to blindly trust a stranger.” She bluntly stated.

“That’s a good point- maybe I could take a few minutes of your time and we can talk or at least let me get your number.” I pushed.

“Please,” she said sarcastically and walked out the door.

That night I did something I would have never done- I followed her home when I snuck out the bar after her. Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact that in that moment I was already addicted to her. I desired her, and I will do anything to get what I deeply desire even if it is a women…

⚠️ NOT A REAL STORY, AND I AM NOT A TOXIC SEXIST MAN ⚠️- just wanted to make that clear lmao.

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